Introducing a new aluminium sliding door system

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Chic designs to match the aesthetic of your home!

News, Product - November 17, 2021

Introducing AluK S115NI product range of sliding windows and door systems.

S115NI provides high security, improved energy efficiency, and wide panoramic views with natural daylight. Laminated double-glazing unit in S115NI  brings high acoustic insulation levels, combined with a variety of configurations, will meet any architectural need.

Introducing an upgrade to your old school windows and doors to match the chic interiors of your home - AluK is here with the new S115NI Aluminium Sliding Door System.  


Elegantly styled and adequately secured, AluK’s S115NI range brings to you improved safety with the introduction of a thicker glass option, along with the accommodation of laminated double-glazing units - all in one single package! 

But how is AluK’s S115NI range of Aluminium Sliding Door Systems different from the other sliding door systems available? 


Classic Designs to Match Your Style  

Recommended for use in Residential, Commercial and Villa applications, AluK’s S115NI range of Aluminium Sliding Door Systems can achieve the right look and performance for any project through a wide range of standard and optional features. The slim profile and highly durable material makes it the most versatile range of sliding door and window systems. 


Provides Unmatched Security to Keep You Safe 

The glass in the S115NI range comes in a thickness ranging from 28, 30, 32 ,34 & 36 millimeters - you can choose according to your requirement. AluK’s S115NI range of Aluminium Sliding Door Systems can use laminated double glazing unit (DGU)  a safety glass applications to give additional security to the system. 


Keeping the aesthetic and design appeal of your residential or commercial property intact, the sliding doors and windows from our S115NI range provide unmatched security with the options of Cremone, Flush type, Single point as well as Multi point locks. It also comes with an optional flyscreen integrated in the panel itself - that’s how resilient the products in the S115NI range are! 


Increased Comfort With Reduced Noise 

The laminated double-glazing unit in the S115NI range comes with a high acoustic insulation which creates a comfortable indoor environment to elevate the quality of life. The higher glass thickness not only helps in reducing noise, but it also lowers the heat transmission rate - therefore restricting the inflow of heat through your doors and windows. This further helps in controlling the temperature inside your space in extreme weather conditions. 


Exquisite designs With Enhanced Energy efficiency 

Glass can be the hidden culprit that inhibits heat transfer within your home. Installing the right kind of doors and windows can help you save up on large energy bills. The High performance double-glazing unit in the S115NI range of Aluminium Sliding Door Systems by AluK provides additional energy efficiency without compromising on the aesthetics of your doors and windows. 


Dynamic Structure to Fit Into Your Space Like No Other 

AluK’s S115NI range of Aluminium Sliding Door Systems can be customised in various dimension. But based on the weight of the shutter, one or more opening panels with large dimensions of height can be achieved - now that’s the kind of adaptability we all need, right? The products in this range also come with a unique glazing bead option for shutters and glass fixings - making it safer and long lasting. 


Unparalleled Functionality To Suit Your Individual Needs 

All products in AluK’s S115NI range of Aluminium Sliding Door Systems come with an internal and external gasket for better air & water tightness. This also results in an easy installation process. With a double roller that can carry a maximum of 200 kg shutter weight, it gives you the smoothest movement for your doors and windows.  


Added Benefits To Aid Adaptability 

The products in the S115NI range of Sliding door systems also come with options of Standard 2 track 2 shutter and 2 track 4 shutter with fly mesh & mid transoms in shutters. 


The 90-degree joint outer frames and 45-degree shutter joints with corner connectors and screws make the products in AluK’s S115NI range of Aluminium Sliding Door Systems good for performance and as well as aesthetics. Moreover, the snap-on railing which also comes in an anodized variant helps in the smooth movement of the shutter. 


Still in doubt? Visit  AluK Home Experience Center to witness the phenomenal functionality of AluK’s S115NI range of Sliding Door Systems today!