Inspiration of Aluminium Sliding Doors

large sliding door in modern apartment

Get inspired by our project of aluminium sliding doors systems for luxury flat

In addition to being sleek and aesthetically flexible, the advantages of aluminium sliding doors are infinite, they are durable and energy efficient. This is largely why, in recent years, these door systems have become so popular. This popularity has resulted in many different aluminium sliding door options being designed and built to meet different needs, applications, aesthetics, and functions. 


This inspirational project features AluK’s range of aluminium sliding doors – SC95 & SC140. The aesthetics of this luxurious residential apartment is enhanced by sleek aluminium profiles which creates a shift towards open concept areas that easily transition from inside to outside. The homeowners also loved the feature of maintaining the internal temperatures and weather tightness when the sliding systems are closed.


Sliding doors are perfect solutions also if your home is a little on the smaller size or you need a little extra space in any of your rooms. Having aluminium sliding doors gives a space the illusion of walls ‘disappearing’ when you want them to. AluK doors feature versatile designs, slim panels, and amplified glass space, giving you the best outdoor views, plenty of sunlight, and continuity from inside to outside.


AluK’s sliding door systems can achieve the right look and performance for any project.


Project Information

  • Building Type: Luxury Residential Apartment
  • Products Applied: AluK Home SC95 & SC140 sliding doors


large sliding door in modern living room large-sliding-door-aluk-home3 large sliding door in modern house small-sliding-door-aluk-home4
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