INFINEO Slim Sliding Doors

minimalist sliding door with an outer view view

Unframe your world with Infineo frameless aluminium sliding door

INFINEO -ultra-slim aluminium frameless sliding doors for premium contemporary design, available in both thermally broken(TB) and non-thermal (NT)sections, marking a super sleek upgrade on standard aluminium sliding doors.  


Designed for minimal sightlines 

A fully concealed outer frame, hidden shutter and ultra-slim interlock of 21mm provide the optimum solution for minimal sightlines which means you can really maximise light and create a beautiful, bright feel. This is also supported by the slim handle with just 35mm visible once the door is closed. 

Designed to create perfect room and space 

Infineo offers total solutions that open up to a wide range of possibilities in premium contemporary design, creating an environment where both residents and spaces are flooded with light and transparency. These are perfect for new builds and renovations, complementing both modern and traditional architecture. 

Designed to ensure the best comfort 

The Infineo minimal slider meets and exceeds the highest building requirements criteria for resistance to cold, heat, wind, and rain. Impressive energy efficiency will lower energy costs and maintain a comfortable indoor climate all year long. 

Designed to last year after year 

The Infineo aluminium slim sliding door is designed to last year after year and withstand harsh weather conditions. It comes with high-performance stainless-steel rollers and are seamlessly integrated inside the shutter to avoid the risk of dust accumulation, resulting in longer life and flawless transitions.  

The Infineo frameless sliders provide maximum flexibility, in size selection, opening configurations, and multiple interlock options which will help you in building the perfect door for your home

Check out this video to know more about INFINEO:-


  • System Features – Ultra slim, Superior, high-performing sliding solution with aesthetic and design appeal. Suitable for larger glazing panels. 
  • Cold Solution – Yes  
  • Thermal Break Solution – Yes  
  • Sightlines (Interlock) – 21 mm | 31 mm 
  • Frame Depth – 146mm 
  • Maximum Sash Weight – upto 450 Kg 
  • Glazing Thickness – 24 mm to 32 mm 
  • Dual Color Option – Yes (Only with the Insulated version) 
  • Lock with Key – Yes  
  • Multipoint Lock – Yes  
  • Hurricane Barrier – Yes  



The design of the Infineo minimal sliding door has been optimised to meet all commercial and residential project requirements. Available in industry-leading panel sizes up to 3m in height or in width. Fully concealed outer frame, hidden sash and ultra-slim 21mm interlock for minimal sightlines. Sleek handle, with only 35mm visible once the sash is closed. Providing seamless experience between indoors and outdoors. 

Technical data HI technical data
U value W/m²K 1.3W/mk2K
Air tightness (Pa) TB: Class 4(600Pa) NT: ASTM (600Pa)
Water tightness (Pa) TB: Class 9A(600Pa) NT: ASTM (450Pa) TB: Class B5 (2000Pa) NT: ASTM (2000Pa)

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