3D Window Configurator


Discover an immersive new experience to design your own choice of aluminium windows and doors for your dream home

Discover our new digital tool to improve your experience and assist you in finalising your window and door selections before to purchase.

This is an interactive digital experience for customers and now you can use our 3D configurator to discover more about AluK’s range of aluminium windows and doors systems.

This 3D configurator allows you to personalize products according to your preferences while also allowing you to see the changes and selections you've made.

You can also save or download your designs and receive estimates of the costs based on the customizations from our authorised partners.


Get Started with these EASY Steps!

Step 1:

Click on the 3D configurator link: https://configurator.alukhome.com/

Step 2:

Select your window or door type from 3 options: Sliding door| Openable window | Folding door

Step 3:

Indicate the dimensions of your window or door, select the number of panels and choose a colour for the frame

Step 4:

Choose a design for the handle

Step 5:

Save your project and download the configuration or Raise a request for quotation


Key Notes:

You can also define your environment and select the rooms from living/bedroom. The tool also allows you to select the colour of walls and floors. And it provides 3 views to check the product in more details.


Watch our video below for a preview of how to use AluK Home’s 3D configurator of aluminium windows and doors: