Home and office design predictions for 2021

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Nature, light and WFH – Home and office design predictions for 2021

Design and Aesthetics - May 10, 2021

The lockdown had a significant impact on design and architectural trends for 2020 and 2021. Designers, architects, and lifestyle gurus have been sharing thoughts online and in the press on the building trends we’ll all want to keep an eye out for. We’ve rounded up their big design predictions for this year.


We’ve all spent a lot of time at home recently, probably a lot more than we might have intended.

The recent lockdown has had a significant impact on design and architectural trends for the year ahead.

  • The need for the great outdoors

After over a year spent working and socialising within your home, being connected with nature has helped get us through lockdown.

Whether hiking in the countryside, taking the dog for a walk or relaxing in the garden, the occasional trip out has enabled us to focus.

This has made blending the lines between inside and outside something that we’re all craving. What could be nicer than sliding your door to your balcony or garden, enjoying a cup of tea, and watching the seasons change?

A sliding door or bifold door can help make the connection between your home and garden even more seamless. Why not bring a little bit of nature into your home by choosing earthy frame tones from our colour range?

  • Home extensions

2020 was the year or working from home, and the good news is that many of us can continue to enjoy working from home in 2021 for a better work-life balance and less money spent on commuting.

If you are committed to working from home, a garden room or home extension means that you can open up your home and create your own light-flooded office space with gorgeous panoramic sliding or bifold doors.

An extension is also great for your own private gym, crafting space or a playroom for the little ones.

  • Smaller office spaces – bigger meeting rooms

Social distancing is still essential, even if you’re back in the office. This means that office spaces and commercial buildings need to grow and evolve in the months ahead.

Smaller offices and bigger meeting rooms allow more people to get back to work safely. We would recommend using curtain walling to maximise light and help staff and customers feel brighter and more energised.

  • Carbon reduction

The UK is set to become carbon neutral by 2050. It may seem like a long way away, but we all need to start playing our part now. There are many ways that you can keep your home green, from heat pumps and solar panels, through to energy-efficient windows and doors.

Modern aluminium window and door frames can help keep the heat in your home, not only reducing your carbon footprint but also lowering your energy bills.