Why Are Bifolds Still So Popular?


Why Aluminium Bifold Doors Are Still the Top Choice

Thinking about opening up your home to the garden and creating a seamless indoor-outdoor living space? Then aluminium bifold doors are the perfect solution for you. They remain a popular choice, accounting for over half of the aluminium window and door market share, and for good reason! This blog explores the ten key benefits that make bifolds a winning option for your home.

Aluminium bifolds account for almost 30% of the entire aluminium window and door market and, while sliding patios have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity over the last few years, the split between bifolds and patios is still 54% to 46%.

It’s easy to see why bifolds like our BSF70 and F82 remain such a popular choice:

1.    They are the only door option which lets you open up your entire room to the garden and create a truly inside/outside space. With sliding doors, the sliding panels will always take up half or a third of the space even when they are fully open.
2.    Even when bifolds are closed, they give you a panoramic view of your garden and beyond – so you can feel more connected to the outside and really see the passing of the seasons.
3.    They are smooth and easy to operate – with heavy duty rollers and a unique AluK pop-out handle which sits flush to the frame when it’s not being used.
4.    You can configure them however you want, so you can slide them open from either end with a single traffic door or you can slide them open from the middle and have two traffic doors which give you the effect of French doors. 
5.    When it’s not warm enough to have them open fully, the traffic doors function just like any normal entrance door.
6.    You can opt for open in or open out panels, depending on whether you have space in your home or your garden, and you can choose the width of the panels to suit.
7.    If you want the real ‘Wow’ factor, you can add a floating corner. The ceiling needs to be reinforced so it’s only really an option for new builds and extensions, but it does away with the need for a corner pillar and you can fit bifolds which open up from the corner to both sides.
8.    You can fit integrated blinds within the glass for shading and privacy, so you don’t need to worry about being too hot or too cold. 
9.    You can match bifolds to the rest of the windows and doors in your home. With AluK, that means you can have the same colours, finishes and hardware and similar sightlines throughout to get a consistent overall look.
10.    You can choose any colour from AluK’s stock range, or even match any RAL colour you like. Unsurprisingly, the most popular colour is Anthracite grey (which accounts for more than 50% of all the aluminium bifolds sold in the UK), followed by white, black, other greys, cream and brown.