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The Eco-Friendly Evolution of Aluminium Frames

Discover the secret behind AluK's aluminium frames - built to last and sustainably crafted. Learn how our eco-friendly approach ensures durability and low maintenance for your home's windows and doors.

One of the reasons buyers like aluminium windows and doors so much is that they are virtually maintenance free – all that’s usually required to keep them looking like new is a regular wipe over with warm water and a mild household detergent.

No matter what the British weather throws at them, you can expect AluK’s powder coated frames to last 40+ years – and you’ll never have to worry about painting.

All our aluminium frames are pre-treated and then powder coated at our own Chepstow HQ – and it’s the combination of the two which makes all the difference.

Until recent years, pre-treatment for aluminium used to rely on toxic chromates to create the chemical bond that’s needed between the metal substrate and the paint to guarantee the outstanding durability and performance. Now though, we use much more eco-friendly zirconium and titanium components instead and the results are just as good. With multiple chemical and rinsing stages, we deliver a coating weight of between 3 and 20 mg/m2 of each element onto our aluminium, so that it can endure even the harshest environments and the worst of the weather.

Once the pre-treatment is complete, the aluminium moves to our large-scale vertical plant line where we can spray up to 700m2 of profile every hour. We only use AkzoNobel Interpon powder coatings, specially designed for the architectural and construction industry which have excellent colour and gloss retention.

Like our eco-friendly pre-treatment, our high-tech paint line is highly environmentally efficient. We capture 98% of the excess powder used in our spray booth so that it can be filtered and reused to minimise waste, and we have our own effluent treatment plant where we treat and filter the water we use. We’re especially proud of the fact that, by the time we’ve finished with the water, it is even cleaner than mains drinking water!