Any Colour You Like – Including Grey!


Unlock a World of Colour with AluK's Aluminium Window and Door Range

Explore the vibrant world of aluminium window and door colours with AluK! From classic shades to bold metallics, our extensive range offers something for every style and preference. Discover more in our latest blog.

When you think about aluminium window and door colours, you might automatically think ‘grey’. And, while it’s true that the dark shade known in the trade as ‘Anthracite’ does currently account for around 30% of sales, there’s a vast range of other colour choices available to help expand your horizons.

AluK’s collection of fast turnaround colours includes plenty of alternative grey and black options, as well as subtle shades of brown, green and cream.

We’ve divided them into two core ranges for homeowners which we call Elements and Homestead. Both were created in partnership with leading paint supplier Akzo Nobel to reflect the very latest home trends in colours, textures and finishes.

Elements features 18 fairly vibrant colour options in a smooth contemporary finish, while Homestead is all about the classic, with 14 warmer colour options in a more traditional textured finish – there really is something to suit every style and age of home.

There are two other colour collections available from AluK too – Spectrum and Urbane. These are generally specified for commercial projects, but there’s no reason why you can’t choose them for your home as well. The 21 colours in Spectrum have a similar textured finish to the Homestead range, but with more metallic and special effects options, and the 14 bold metallic colours in Urbane are smooth like Elements but with a premium finish which makes them suitable for even the harshest environments. 

Of course, if you want something which is even more distinctive or original, you can order almost any colour in the RAL spectrum, and we’ll be able to match it. (You just might need to wait a little longer for your frames.)

We have our own pre-treatment and polyester powder coat paint lines at our vast Chepstow HQ, so we guarantee the quality and durability of the finish ourselves. You can relax knowing that your windows and doors will look as good in 25 years as they do today and, of course, you’ll never need to worry about painting or maintaining the finish!

You can find out more and see a copy of our very latest guide to AluK colours, complete with fully colour matched samples here.