Modern Mountain House Inspiration

Modern bright living room with big windows

Get inspired by this modern mountain house outfitted with our windows and doors

Can you imagine working in a first-tier city, but living surrounded by nature? Located in the mountainous region of Hangzhou, the Xinhu Guoling villas are built upon a natural slope and adapted to the surrounding environment. These modern villas with aluminium windows and doors provide an extraordinary luxury home living experience for people working in the nearby city.

Create a Comfortable Living Environment with Casement Windows

Living in a mountainous area makes windows with exceptional thermal performance very important. AluK Home’s classic 70TT casement windows are specially designed to guard against extremes of weather and have been tested to meet the highest national standards. The windows’ integrated thermal breaks further guarantee a cosy & comfortable living space while reducing energy consumption.

Enjoy the View with Large Lift and Slide Doors

Aluminium makes it possible to create grand, large doors. For the Xinhu Guoling Villas, the SC140TT lift and slide doors were installed in living rooms and bedrooms to provide an extended, more panoramic, uninterrupted view of the nature outside. The doors’ unique lift & slide mechanism, providing easy, effortless operation, made the homes even more magical by making the outside world instantly accessible.

Bright living room with large casement window Bright dining room with large casement window Bright bedroom with large casement window Bright living room with sliding door
Mediterranean-inspired Villa

Located in the bustling city of Shanghai yet surrounded by palm trees and private water gardens, the Shengbao Villa is renowned for its recreation of Mediterranean design. While the building’s style has an undeniably exotic, elegant flair, the large aluminium windows and doors open the home to the great outdoors and allow the greatest amount of natural light in.

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