Mediterranean-inspired Villa

Cosy bedroom with aluminium casement door

Get inspired by a Mediterranean-style villa in Shanghai

When we think “Mediterranean,” we think beautiful plants and trees, colourful flowers, sunshine, blue sea, and breeze. The Shengbao Villa, with its palm trees and private water gardens, recreates the magic of Mediterranean living in the heart of bustling Shanghai, China.

Aluminium Folding Doors that Open the Interior to the Great Outdoors

The villa’s large yard right outside the living room is surrounded with trees and flowers, and allows homeowners the joy of external space for leisure and relaxation. The BSF70 folding door from AluK was chosen for its versatility and ability to provide a smooth, easy transition from inside to outside, delivering maximum space with minimal effort.

Upgrading from a Traditional Sliding Door to a Lift and Slide Door

The villa’s master bedroom was equipped with the AluK SC140TT lift & slide door. Its effortlessly operated extra-large panels provide an exceptional view and easy access to the terrace while its high performance thermal protection guarantees the bedroom’s comfort and luxury.

Easy Connection to the Balcony with a Casement Door

The villa designer chose different AluK aluminium doors for different rooms according to the needs and layout of each. For a bedroom with attached balcony, the AluK 70TT casement door was chosen to seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Casement Windows for a Comfortable Living Environment

The weather in Shanghai brings sweltering summers and clammy, cold winters. To create a comfortable living environment year-round, the designer of Shengbao Villa chose AluK 70IWS casement windows for the whole building, reducing energy consumption without sacrificing any of the homeowners’ comfort or security.

Project Information

  • Name: Shengbao Villa
  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Building Type: Residential villa

Products Applied:

Small living room upstairs with windows Open casement window with reflected environment Big living room with large folding door Villa with folding door and stairs Living room with folding door and sofa Aluminium folding door with concealed handle
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